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Do you want to make a real difference in lives? Want to work ethically and away from cut-throat practice? You can do all this among the picturesque mountains of Kodaikanal, serving communities in and around this area.

Van Allen Hospital was established in 1913 by a group of Christian missionaries as a place where people could receive quality medical attention in a picturesque setting of comfort and care. Located in Kodaikanal, Tamilnadu, at an altitude of about 7000 ft in the Western Ghats, we are nearly 100 kms away from the nearest available tertiary referral centre.

Building upon our 100-year foundation, we continue, in the spirit of Christian service, to provide the best in medical services to all who walk through our doors. We currently offer acute medical care, mother and child care and orthopaedic and fracture care.


Available vacancies


A vacancy has arisen to commence ASAP to provide obstetric and general medical care. While this is a long term vacancy, candidates who are interested in short term positions can also apply. Salary will be decided upon qualification and experience. Free accommodation will be provided. Kodaikanal International School offers a considerable scholarship for children of doctors working at the Van Allen Hospital. 

Junior Medical Officers

We also have regular vacancies for the position of junior medical officer. As a junior doctor you get hands-on experience of treating patients attending our emergency department under the guidance of senior doctors. You get the comfort of working in a relaxed environment with plenty of time for preparing for your postgraduate graduate entrance examination. Our previous doctors have succeeded in the NEET and joined specialities of their interest.

We also encourage medical students and other healthcare professionals who just want to spend some time away from their routine to  learn medicine in a limited resources setting

Interested candidates can e-mail at

What is it like to work at Van Allen? Hear from those that have gone before:

Dr. Ashwin Kumar V. A.


Ministry of Railways

Government of India

I worked at Van Allen Hospital, Kodaikanal as JMO during 2019-20. During my time here, I attended and treated patients from OG, Medicine, Orthopaedics, Surgery, Pediatrics, Neonatology and Cardiology under the guidance of consultants. I assisted in lots of ortho surgeries, C -sections, thrombolysis, cardioversion, and neonatal resuscitation; I learnt to see cases through a clinical approach. I enjoyed the community health camps conducted at remote and beautiful villages. The campus is so scenic, located near Kodai Lake. I was happy serving in a remote place with limited medical infrastructure.

Dr. Samuel

II year post graduate - MS, General surgery

Trichy Medical College

A place where one can get a wholesome experience as a junior doctor whilst relishing the scenic beauty of the hills. It was an amazing journey right from entering as a fresh graduate until gaining confidence to managing even crucial cases. Plentiful lessons learnt... be it in the birth of a newborn or the care at the last moments of a terminally ill patient, trauma and critical care, community health and what not? The moral support and encouragement from senior doctors is yet another noteworthy gift.

Dr. Miller


Master in Public health

Despite doubting my decision to work immediately after MBBS, my time at Van Allen has definitely sculpted me by developing my clinical, communication and managerial skills and has also shifted my career trajectory! During (even after) my stay at Kodai, the community within and outside the hospital made me feel a part of the town. From morning wishes of the mist (even gaur sometimes) to the lake trail and to the Sunday markets, life in Kodai is special and unmissable! Overall, my experience at Van Allen is an offroad journey which will remain close to my heart forever.

Dr. Vaishnavi

Working at Van Allen provided me with much needed experience in clinical and emergency management of patients. Guidance of senior consultants helps young doctors in understanding not only the medical management of patients but to be considerate of patient's mental health and their social status too. It is a peaceful environment and a good place for aspiring young doctors to kick start their career.

Dr. Kamalesh

MS Anatomy postgraduate at AIIMS, Delhi

Entered Van Allen on a rainy day. I can still remember that day vividly because my life changed a lot after that day. Even passing out from an esteemed institute does not have the same impact which a short stay of 10 months at Van Allen could provide.From the adrenal rush while thrombolysing a STEMI patient or assisting in a surgery and delivery to the love I received from the local villagers when we went on mobile clinics, each and every day at Van Allen are memories to be cherished.



A place where one can get a wholesome experience as a physiotherapist. My time at Van Allen has been an amazing journey, right from entering as a fresh graduate up to gaining confidence in managing ever more complex cases. I must acknowledge the support from the doctors and the nursing staff in my time here. It’s been a remarkable experience as I have experienced first-hand, emergency critical care and orthopedic surgeries. I have worked with newborns, pediatric cases and a range of adult conditions. Thanks to the support I received, I have now moved on to working independently in a bigger hospital team. The moral support and encouragement of senior physicians and staff has been a gift from God to me. Van Allen Hospital is an unforgettable part of my career.

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